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TOSS® Heat Seal Band Selection

TOSS heat seal bandsTOSS Heat Seal Bands

With over 300 styles and shapes of heat sealing bands to choose from, a TOSS Application Engineer will gladly assist you in selecting the best Heatseal Band for your particular application. When you contact TOSS, they will analyze with you the correct width and configuration to produce the seal or cut/seal you desire. In choosing a band style there are a number of aspects we will help you with.

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TOSS Alloy-20®
Heat Seal Bands

Look for the T to assure you're using Genuine TOSS Alloy-20® heat seal bands.
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Five5 Top Reasons to Buy TOSS

Only TOSS provides the assurance of “Perfect Seals Every Time” in either impulse or constant heat mode.
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Impulse Heat SealProduct

TOSS offers the plastic sealing industry a unique, cost effective, technique for superior heat sealing of many types of materials.
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Technical Sheets and Operating Instructions.

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Sealing Perfection

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Straight Heat Seal Bands
Ideal Heatseal Band selection is a function of many variables including material composition, material thickness, heat absorption of the jaw, and the nature of the cover strip used over the Heatseal Band...

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Heat Sealing Bands Straight Band Link

Custom Contoured Heat Seal Bands
Most believe that impulse heat sealing is limited to straight seams, which is simply not the case.  In fact, with TOSS Technology, special shapes can be created to meet your unique sealing needs....

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Plating of Heat Seal Bands
Heatseal bands are subjected to both physical and thermal stresses caused by the repeated heating and cooling of the band and attendant expansion and contraction....

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Heat Sealing Bands Plating Link

For more technical information on the proper selection of TOSS heat sealing bands see 9 Steps to Heat Sealing Perfection Guide: Step 2 - Heat Seal Band Selection information

TOSS heat seal bandsChoose your band...
Straight Heat Seal Bands
Custom Contoured Bands

Plating of Heat Seal Bands
Band Size & Resistance Chart
Expansion Chart
NOREX Heat Seal Bands


Impulse Seal Bands Band Size Link Plastic Sealing Band Expansion Graph Link Toss Heat Sealing Norex Link

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